Managed Services specialists

For over 30 years, we have guided service providers in competitive markets in growing their managed services. Tenacity provides solutions to structurally excel in this area. 

Currently Tenacity’s Clients for Life® process protects over € 23 billion in client contracts with some of the largest and most successful service providers in the world.

Differentiating value

The future of an organization depends on its ability to continuously provide (new) value to clients. Clients for Life® is a ready to implement business process that maximizes your organizations competence to unceasingly provide value for your clients.

Processes are How you work, How your organization gets results. With just a few best practice processes you will easily increase your organizations competence in a big way.

Over 30 years of experience captured in two management books

Do you want to know what it takes to have you clients choose your organization time and time again? Then these books are for you. In a very accessible style you will read about the insights and lessons in key account management and client retention we learned together with our clients. You will recognize many things as ‘common sense put to practice’. And that is exactly why it works.

These books are written for managers in the managed service industry and other service providing companies that work with large contracts and where tenders and price competition are every day’s business.

More than 230,000 copies of these two books are sold over the world.

“This book explains why you can have high client satisfaction and still lose clients. Very inspiring.” – Johan Stellingwerf, Director Sodexo Altys

“If you’re part of an organization that provides management services under contract, READ THIS BOOK!” – Bill Edmundson, CEO The Wood Company

“Our goal is that 100% of our clients will choose Start People time and time again. Do you have a similar ambition? Then I warmly recommend this book.” – René Nijkamp, General Manager Sales & Branche management Start People

Our clients

Tenacity, profitable growth in managed services.