About Tenacity

Tenacity guides leaders in service companies in structuring and managing their organization in client retention and in improving margins.

Our specialism in ‘managed services’ has led to great things. In over 30 years, we had the opportunity to guide some of the world’s most high-ranking service companies to great and structural successes in this field. Our partners are located in the US and Europe, but our clients are situated in over 13 countries around the globe.

With pleasure we share our vision and experiences in a meeting or lecture. Or we help you renew one of your most important contracts. We’ll be glad to. We feel ourselves at home in several different roles, but what distinguishes us, is our ability to bring change in your organization. We enhance your ability to retain important clients and to improve their profitability. That is what we designed the Clients for Life® client retention process for. It is a fully elaborate method, ready to hand over to your organization. Until our best practice is your common practice, we function as change managers and your external department for client retention. We take responsibility for the results as retention managers and as executors until your organization is ready to take over.

Partners Tenacity Europe:

Martijn Rozendaal

Managing partner

As a director and as a strategic consultant, Martijn has lead multiple organizations to improve their results. With his coaching and sometimes provocative style, he guides company boards in developing strategic account management and client retention. This is also the subject of his keynotes and workshops for leaders and senior managers.

Carina Vignigni

Partner Belgium

From her extensive experience as Director Large Accounts Carina Vignigni knows as no other that a focus on landing new accounts is important. She also knows that new clients can never make up for the loss caused by losing existing clients. Retaining clients is the basis of profitability for any commercial organization. It is with great pleasure that she shares her vision and insights on this topic with organizations in the managed services industry.

Horst W. Plieske

Partner Germany

As an experienced client partner and VP in IT-services, Horst-W. Plieske is a passionate Business Leader and Management Consultant. He holds a Diploma (Master) of Business Administration and IT of the University of Applied Science Augsburg, Germany.

Marco Reijntjens

Managing partner

For over 20 years Marco have been researching the commercial effectiveness of organizations. He is a passionate speaker on this subject. In his capacity as managing partner of Tenacity Europe, he focusses on the impact of strategic account management and key-account retention on the profit of organizations. Especially in highly competitive markets.

Hilde Lemmens

Partner Belgium

Hilde Lemmens has a rich experience in consulting on strategy and operational excellence. From this experience she knows what impact a successful process in key-accountmanagement has on the commercial results. With her pragmatic and inspiring approach, she is able to challenge organizations on their current operating model. An effective strategy on client retention and improving margins leads to enormous increase in profitability.

Ronald Luijckx

Partner Netherlands

Ronald build his passion for improving client relationships and for leading complex organizational change in 18 years as a COO in customer care services and general staffing. With Start People in the Netherlands he implemented the Clients for Life process with exemplary (financial) results.

Cooperation Kennesaw State University


The Tenacity Center is a collaboration between Tenacity, Inc. and Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University. Its purpose to provide education and research in best practices in the areas of account management and client retention.

Interested executives can learn more about the Tenacity Center and the Digital Badge in Account Management on the site of Kennesaw State University.

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