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‘What your Clients won’t tell you… and your managers don’t know’ was first published in 1995. It outlines Tenacity’s step-by-step approach for keeping the clients your company has worked so hard to get.

This groundbreaking book has set a new standard for account management and sustaining proven effective client relationships. The book has served as a trusted guide for executives and managers responsible for over $23 billion in managed service contracts worldwide since 1995.

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    “If you’re part of an organization that provides management services under contract, READ THIS BOOK!”
    – Bill Edmundson, Chief Executive Officer The Wood Company

    “This is the book you want if you’re interested in keeping the clients you’ve worked so hard to get.”
    – Daryl Evans, Deputy General Manager McCann Erickson Atlanta

    “This is more than a wake-up call regarding client retention – it’s a step-by-step action plan that keeps you in-sync with your clients.”
    – Bob Rasmussen, Senior Vice President Owen Healthcare Inc.