Relevant value of your current proposition
Position on service life cycle curve

  1. The problem we’ve been hired to solve is still high on the management agenda.
  2. The problem we are positioned to solve is no longer high on the management agenda. The client is still supportive but starts questioning our added value over competitors
  3. Client questions the cost of our service/ solution.






Key decision makers
3 to 5 key people in deciding next contract




Their expectations going forward
What goals do they want us to achieve?




Are we realizing their expectations?
Do they consider us the best partner for the job?




Value Proposition to be developed or communicated
What expertise will be most valued to realize what goal?






Tactics involved to renew contract






Strategy goal
How do we know our strategy is working?

<measurable goal>







Action steps
Most important actions to get in the best position to renew the contract






Proative innovation 
How can this client improve using our expertise?




Solutions we compete with 
Proposition of competitors and/or substitute solutions the client might consider