The Clients for Life® process

A best practice, specifically for Managed Services

In 30 years we have developed the best practices for retaining clients en growing revenue. We did this together with some of the leading service companies in the world. In Clients for Life these best practices are fully elaborated in processes and instruments, ready to implement in your organization. Clients for Life contains all relevant processes in this area. From processes for strategic commercial decision making to a client engagement model for managed service contracts. Read more …

Profitable growth starts with client retention

The key succes factor

Every organization works on client retention, growing clients and new business. For the most succesfull companies, this is also the order of priority. The impact of client retention on profit and growth in managed services is massive. For several Tenacity clients the EBITDA after implementation of the Clients for Life process increased with over € 100 million per year!

Competitive edge in competitive markets

Organise your value creation

Clients will always let you know when they experience massive value in working with your organization. It will feel like the cooperation will almost grow by itself.
Even in very competitive markets it is very possible to create a lot of value.
>Read more … value creation in managed services.

You can compete on price or on value. When you choose to compete on value, you do want this to be an organizational competence and not depending on individual people.

Effective processes have enormous and sustainable impact on the capability of your organization to create value. Processes are how your organization works, how your value strategy will take shape in daily practice.

Take a first step

Bring in new ideas

There are several ways in which Tenacity can reveal what structural and fundamental organizational improvements are possible. Training is often the easily chosen first step.

A small investment in training of your people will offer great new insights to your organization. New insights by itself are not a guarantee for improvement. But it will surely stimulate the willingness to do better. Shared enthusiasm is a good starting point for future structural improvement.

All Tenacity’s training courses share a very practical approach. And by dealing with your daily practice, we get a good understanding of your current processes, systems, instruments and strategy of your organization. These insights will be translated into practical next steps for possible further development of your organization.