Clients for Life

The Clients for Life® client retention process is a structured method for retention and profitability of key-accounts. It is specifically designed for the Managed Services Industry. Clients for Life contains all processes and instruments an organization needs in this area. It covers from strategic decision making to an operating model for managed service contracts.

In over 30 years we have been able to work close with many great companies with very different results in this field. We gathered the best practices from over the world or we developed them with our clients.

In the Clients for Life®client retention process, these practices are fully elaborated in processes and instruments, ready for implementation in your organization. With these best practice processes, you provide your organization with the ability to structurally achieve results in client retention and client profitability.  This ability becomes an organizational competence, independent of the insights of individuals.

Of course, these processes do not work by themselves. But they guide your organization in working at client retention and client profitability. In an implementation period, you formalize the processes until they have become common practice in your organization. Tenacity will lead the implementation process and for your teams excellent training programs are available.

Implementing the Clients for Life® client retention process will lead to the following results:

  • Every new client strengthens your organization: Fitting your strategic choices, operations without stress and profitable;
  • In your organization, client retention is a clear and daily process;
  • Every account manager operates in a clear, structured and best practice way;
  • Your organization focusses on your client’s interests and provides relevant value;
  • Relationships and changing people are actively managed according to a formal process;
  • Client problems are being solved and your organization proactively brings innovation to your clients’ business.
  • Renewal of contracts is being managed in a continuous, proactive and planned manner. It is never a last-minute action;
  • You hold concrete information on the sustainability of the relationships with your most important clients. From these insights your value proposition is continuously developing;
  • Your organization learns. The lessons from lost contracts are no general information, but specific instructions giving every account manager the knowledge and decisiveness of a senior manager;
  • Management, sales and operations work in a coordinated way. Each part contributing as much as possible to the results of the whole and enabling each other to function better.

Value is at the heart

what-your-clients-wont-tell-you-coverWe all know that feeling of pride and relaxation when a client lets us know they experience a lot of value from the cooperation. Then everything seems to work. The contacts are pleasant, the operation runs smoothly and both parties profit. In a cooperation like that, the partnership almost grows of itself.

You will learn more about the working of the Clients for Life process in the book “What your clients won’t tell you, and your managers don’t know.”. It will provide you with the insights and thoughts behind this process and their elaborations.

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