Account management best practices

Processes for grip and efficacy

Processes are defined, structured ways of working to achieve a desired outcome. They provide grip. For over 30 years Tenacity has delivered best practices for organizations in the managed service industry. Our processes and instrument have proven their great value and continue to do so.

Tenacity’s Clients for Life account management process is a good example of a best practice process. This process supports the account manager at the core of his role: overseeing and managing the cooperation with the client. The implementation of this process will immediately improve the level of organization. It will provide grip and control. Your organization will be more successful. Problems will be prevented, and no opportunity will be missed.

What gets organizations into trouble

Putting out fires costs loads of time and money

  • The organization is reactive
  • Account managers mainly focus on operational issues
  • Client satisfactions is low or average
  • Are people doing what they should be doing? Are they doing it properly?
  • There is a need for improving the account management competency of the organization.

Organize the essential

Improve the organizational competence

Whether you have grip on results depends of the level of organization of activities and tasks. When the most important and essential activities can be conducted in a way the individual can chose, outcome will be variable. That means no control.

Processes define how an organization works, how results are achieved. Clear and effective processes for organizing the essential will free-up competences of individuals to deal with the unexpected, that needs their creativity and skill.

Processes prevent escalations. The absence of escalations boosts result. There is control and comfort.

Take a first step

Bring in new ideas

There are several ways in which Tenacity can reveal what structural and fundamental organizational improvements are possible. Training is often the easily chosen first step.

A small investment in training of your people will offer great new insights to your organization. New insights by itself are not a guarantee for improvement. But it will surely stimulate the willingness to do better. Shared enthusiasm is a good starting point for future structural improvement.

All Tenacity’s training courses share a very practical approach. And by dealing with your daily practice, we get a good understanding of your current processes, systems, instruments and strategy of your organization. These insights will be translated into practical next steps for possible further development of your organization.