Value Proposition Assessment

Boost the impact of you proposition

It is great to land a new contract. It feels even better when almost every proposal you make is greeted with a fullhearted ‘yes!’. That is the result of a perfectly organized value-proposition process.

In managed services the winning proposition is never a standard proposition, but a proposal that is tailored to the clients’ specific needs. The value a client recognizes in the proposal drives the decision to choose for you. Being able to develop the wining, client specific proposition over and over again is an organizational competence. Tenacity’s Value Proposition Assessment helps you identify how you can improve this organizational competence. We gather the necessary insights directly at your new client organization, or from prospects that have not chosen you proposal.

Lost deal analysis

It’s not what you think

If clients do not choose your organization, the competition made a more valuable proposition. In your clients’ eyes, that is. And that is what it is all about. Value perception. That is why we, as an unbiassed third party, interview the decision makers and influencers of you prospect or client face-to-face.

In the over 30 years we have analyzed lost deals, only in a hand full of occasions, price was the main issue. If your competitor had more value in the eyes of your prospect, it is clear you have missed an important aspect of their expectations. The most effective way to improve the hit rate is to learn from mistakes from the past.

Improve the organizational competence

Organize the essential

New business is of vital importance for any commercial organization. That is why bringing in new clients should be an organizational competence, not a competence of individuals. For the essential new business activities, the organization should develop a structured way of working that will guarantee maximum results. With our best practices you have the building blocks that will grow your organizations ability to gain new clients in a structural way.

  • Right Clients Right Terms: criteria for targeting and contracting
  • Web of influence: tool for developing professional relationships.
  • Relevant Value: process for developing value propositions

Take a first step

Bring in new ideas

There are several ways in which Tenacity can reveal what structural and fundamental organizational improvements are possible. Training is often the easily chosen first step.

A small investment in training of your people will offer great new insights to your organization. New insights by itself are not a guarantee for improvement. But it will surely stimulate the willingness to do better. Shared enthusiasm is a good starting point for future structural improvement.

All Tenacity’s training courses share a very practical approach. And by dealing with your daily practice, we get a good understanding of your current processes, systems, instruments and strategy of your organization. These insights will be translated into practical next steps for possible further development of your organization.