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Frequently people ask us how they can learn more about Clients for Life and about our work. On this page we have assembled several articles and videos to help you get started. And we’d welcome the opportunity to help you learn more in person. Look for the extra opportunities on this page we offer anyone who wants to learn more.

Article: Managed Service done right!

Managed services are an awesome business model. You are managing a very relevant piece of business for you clients. Done right, clients will treat you as a relevant business partner. But managed services are not an easy business. You have to be better in managing this piece of their business then your clients could be. And better then they think you competitor will be. 

Article: Why Managed Services need a different client engagement model.

With products, the specs and conditions agreed upon in the contract, define most of the value that is relevant to the client. They want it, exactly as described. In services, what is agreed in the contract is only a part of the value that is relevant to the client. It defines just the basic part of the service.

Excel calculator:  Why invest in client retention

Here you can download an Excel spreadsheet to calculate your potential ROI on investing in client retention. A good insight in this potential can help you balance the investments of your organization in new business and client retention. You will find that the ROI of investing in client retention is much higher than you might expect.

Article:  Why Client Retention is ten times more important than Sales!

I have had a lot of people requesting me to explain in more detail how important client retention really is to an organization. In this article, I will hand over some insights that will change your view on client retention forever.

Article: How to dramatically advance the value you are providing.

In this article, I will share why we have been capable of bringing success in client retention to so many companies. With this information, you can solidify your relationships with your key clients and retain the revenue that is so important to your bottom line.

Video: FreshEyes Review Framework

How to dramatically advance the value you are providing. This video shows you the number one element that brought huge success to many large services firms. What if you suddenly had access to what decision makers really think at your large accounts? What if your value was fully acknowledged by your most important clients?

Article: What Prevents Us from Retaining our Clients and Protecting our Revenue?

Everyone wants to keep the clients they have, right? It is a pretty simple concept. If I keep the clients I have, I can use that revenue as a base for growth. The opposite sounds a little crazy. Who wants to keep losing their clients and starting over to build their revenue? I am sure the answer is no one. That is why we all say we have a plan to retain our clients.

Video: John Gamble on Relevant Value

Every service organization needs to fully adept the notion of Relevant Value, value as defined by your clients. It is not your performance that matters, it is your performance relative to your clients expectations of your performance that counts.

Article: So you think you bring value to your clients?

The simple truth about Profitable Growth.
The future of any organization depends on clients acknowledging their value to them. Not just today and tomorrow, but over and over again. Added value is nothing, perceived value is everything. It’s the only source of profitable growth.

Article: How to see what your clients see. The Services Lifecycle.

One of the most dangerous occurrences in any relationship, including a B2B outsourcing services contract, is when parties see the same situation in a fundamentally different way. As you may or may not know, services have a lifecycle, just like products. As soon as you are well under way in solving the problems you were hired to solve, clients will start to experience a value gap.

Article: The Dreaded Question

Most of us can think of a question – or perhaps several questions – we’d prefer never to be asked. That can be true in our client relationships too. ‘Why are you worth what we are paying you?’ Is this a question that we should dread or welcome? Are our people prepared to respond to it if asked? Do we tend to simply hope that it will never be posed?

Article: Your operating model, your profit

When you are as most of the companies we work with, you want long term, profitable relationships with clients that praise your impact on their business. Clients like this, strengthen your position in the marketplace and bring you in an upward spiral of success. In reality contract profitability is not always what we want it to be

Article: Money flows to value

What do you spend your money on? Every person and every company spend their money on things they find valuable. Doesn’t that sound like common sense? Most certainly, but when it comes to client retention, we all know that common sense is not always common practice.