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We believe, and prove time and time again, you can keep every key account you wish to keep. This is why we do what we do. And it is what our clients contacts us for. Even a small improvement in your ability to retain your clients has an enormous effect on the profitability of your organization. In working together with our clients, we never failed to returned less then 400% on their investment.

Every year we speak with hundreds of decision makers within large outsourcing companies like your clients. Companies that contract managed services. For over 30 years these insights put us in a unique position to lead our clients to retention and profitability of their key-accounts.

All of this knowledge and best practices are incorporated in our Clients for Life® client retention process.

The core of our services consists of structurally improving results on retention and profitability of key-accounts. It is not the result of a department or individuals. It’s an organizational competence. Management, sales and operations are all involved. And each has its own role to play.

When we work together on this competence in your organization, we often go through three phases:

  • Analyze. Making systemic defects visible that interfere with results;
  • Improve. Where improvement is possible, we present you with best practices from our Clients for Life® client retention process;
  • Embed. Only when our best practices have become your common practices, our work is done. A competence is only a competence when the results proof so and new behavior has become a way of life.

But not all organizations need this integral approach in our services. We have been able to help more than a few organizations with specific parts of our services.

Below we describe some of the services we happily provide by itself and might bring a lot of value to your organization.

If there is one thing that became clear in our over 30 years’ experience, it is that the current results are always the outcome of the current vision/believes in an organization. The way the management thinks, determines where the organization focusses.

Challenge yourself and your senior managers sometime on your vision on client retention and client profitability. Why do we have the issues we have? What is the real source of client retention? And how can we effectively influence the profitability in our client contracts?

The purpose of a management challenge by Tenacity is to develop a collective vision on client retention and – profitability in your management team. A vision that unites and gives energy to change.

This inspiring workshop is thought provoking and will be thoroughly prepared and tailored to your organization. Your vision, your real-life examples and your issues will be continuous involved. And Tenacity shares her insights from hundreds of other managed service companies and from what thousands of decision makers in outsourcing companies have told us over the years.

Forget client satisfaction surveys. What you need is concrete information on the sustainability of the relationship with your most important clients and insight in the strength of your value proposition.

Stop client defections before they happen!

What is a FreshEyes Review?
The FreshEyes Review is a series of one on one in-person interviews with all decision makers from one client, conducted by a Tenacity consultant.

Which clients should we do FreshEyes Reviews with?
If you’re like most of the firms we work with, 20% of your clients account for about 80% of your gross income. They’re the ones you simply can’t afford to lose. We recommend a FreshEyes Review every two years, at a minimum, or sooner if people or conditions change significantly.

Whom do you interview?
Key decision-makers, who have the ability to hire you, fire you or influence those who do. (This is called The Web of Influence®)

What do you talk about?
We use proven open-ended questions to explore: 1) key expectations and performance, 2) relationship quality and depth, and 3) technical performance and delivery of relevant innovation. We actively listen, and adeptly probe, to peel back actionable information. The interviews are digitally recorded (with permission) and transcribed to ensure accuracy, completeness and corroboration.

How will my client perceive this?
Very positively. Our experience has been that they feel flattered in knowing you’ve invested seriously in the relationship. Tenacity’s consultants leave them confident that their viewpoints have been heard and valued in a professional interchange.

What do I receive as output?
Tenacity’s consultant will call or message you within 2 hours of the final interview to provide a verbal briefing with the headlines of the meetings. A written report detailing the consultant’s impressions and direct excerpts from the dialogue will be submitted within 10 business days.

How do we follow-up?
Tenacity recommends a specific approach tailored to address unmet needs and opportunities and to enrich and sustain key relationships. We are available to lead you through it.

How does this help our value proposition?
After 10 reviews have been completed, we will prepare a Common Threads / Common Threats analysis. This presentation will highlight issues that arise repeatedly and may represent systemic issues affecting the value proposition (either positively or negatively).

Does this replace Customer Satisfaction Surveys we are doing now?
Not necessarily. First, Client Satisfaction and Client Retention are not the same things. (Great companies lose good and well-satisfied clients all the time for a host of reasons unrelated to satisfaction levels.) Our focus is on the retention of your most valued customers and clients. Second, the FreshEyes Review provides richer data because we gain trust by being there in person, developing trust and probing effectively. And finally, we are reaching all key decision makers – the full Web of Influence is involved, not just one survey respondent.

Those who won’t learn are destined to repeat the same mistakes!

What is a PostMortem Audit®?
It is a qualitative research technique designed to assist managed services providers in understanding the reasons for the lost contracts or sales proposals.

How does it work?
Tenacity consultants conduct one-on-one interviews with the client personnel selected by the operational team. Naturally, the client personnel chosen should be in a position of authority and/or influence relative to your sales proposal or past contract. These interviews are conducted at the client’s location and last from thirty to forty five minutes each.

What do you talk about?
The conversations include discussions regarding the client’s expectations, the quality of the relationships between the people representing the organizations and the issues surrounding the technical performance of the company that’s hired Tenacity.

How many interviews do you do?
We suggest that a minimum of three interviews be conducted with each client organization. There is no upper limit. The more client personnel we interview, the better able we are to compare and contracts their perspectives. If we do less than three interviews per client organization, our experience suggests we won’t be able to identify the common concerns or issues that might explain the reasons for the lost proposal or contract.

Why can’t we conduct these interviews ourselves?
You can. However, since Tenacity’s consultant, is a “third party,” he or she is able to listen to the client’s comments from a different perspective than most company representatives involved in the management of the contract. Tenacity’s consultants do not have any political positions to protect or “baggage.” They simply listen to the client’s comments and probe to understand the feelings behind them.

What will be the results of investing in the PostMortem Audit® process?
You will receive a report within ten days of the last interview that will detail the conversation. The report will highlight the most important points the client made, as well as the client’s concerns and or/compliments. Tenacity’s consultants will also provide you with his/her impressions of the overall situation at the account and the issues he believes lead to the loss of the contract or might have resulted in a lost proposal.

In other words, the CFL Interviewer will get at the “truth”?
No, not really because it is impossible to get at the truth after a 45 minute interview! What Tenacity’s consultants will provide, is a perspective that is somewhat different from that of your management team. Combining your team’s experience with the Tenacity consultant’s perspective usually results in new insights that can be used to manage other accounts or the sales process more effectively.

How do we arrange to get the process started?
Just reach out to us by phone or email and we’ll take it from there.

Together with Coles College of Business, we turned our knowledge and experience into an online Account Management training program. Coles College of Business is located at the Kennesaw State University and is the second largest business school in Georgia, USA with over 6000 students

The Account Management training program covers all parts of the Clients for Life® client retention process with the aim of understanding the principles behind the CFL process, the workings of the instruments and how they are connected. But the program focusses on the account management part embedded in the Clients for Life processes:

1) expectations-based value creation
2) nurturing professional relationships
3) managing the technical aspects of the service and delivering innovation.

A common language and built in accountability are created allowing companies to dramatically increase both client satisfaction and retention.

Completion of the training program results in a “Digital Badge” in Account Management. A digital badge is a new micro-credential that validates learning accomplishments. The digital badge is displayed on an individual’s LinkedIn profile page, and other social media sites.

Interested executives can learn more about the learning program and the Digital Badge in Account Management by accessing our white paper.

Multiple Tenacity Principals are available as a keynote speaker on meetings and events in your organization. Without exception Tenacity’s Clients for Life presentations are rated as inspiring and exceptional effective.

In keynote presentations we share insights from 30 years of experience in strategic account management and discuss the Clients for Life management principles. Real-life examples, engaging anecdotes and entertaining analogies give the audience insight to the impact on and implications for their own organization.

Our keynotes advocate a culture in which clients are seen as equity of the organization and are unbending managed as the most important assets of the company.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any question for us for a booking or on possibilities for a keynote.