Organizational results

Tenacity’s best practices are ready to implement in your organization with a minimum of adjustments needed for your specific situation. Plug & Play as it were. How your organization gets results is no longer depend on individual or situational decision making. Your organization executes the essentials tasks in a proactive way and with maximum impact. Best practice processes raise the level of organization. They let you create a formal way of working with high results, again and again.

Senior management workshops

Individual clients

You want to do a 100% perfect job at the clients you can’t afford to loose. We help you to retain and expend revenue at these clients. You will get the insights you need and together we turn these into the actions that get you in the best possible position at these clients. Read more about the possibilities.

FreshEyes Reviews®

Team Account Retention Planning

Training and analysis

All our services are aimed towards direct ánd sustainable results. Every program, assessment or training will provide you with the tools and insights for short and long term improvement. Training and analysis are services in their own right, but can also be the starting point of a period of intens cooperation. It is our goal to always provide the exactly the value you need at a certain point in time.

Training for your team

Assessment & Action program

Value Proposition Assessment